thermostatic Valve

"Brawa Mix" Thermostatic mixing valve

The Oventrop “Brawa-Mix” thermostatic mixing valve features a stepless manual adjustment for the temperature of mixed water for domestic use, thus complying with the requirements aimed at saving energy.

Built into the mixing chamber is a highly responsive temperature sensing element, which closes the hot water inlet port (W), should the cold water supply fail.

For installation in domestic hot water systems rated at 10 bar and 90 °C. Control range 35 - 50 °C. Kv = 1.4, max. flow rate 0.42 l/sec

"aquastrom vt" thermostatic  regulating valve

Oventrop Thermostatic Valve "Aquastrom VT" with presettable control temperature for the thermal control and presettable residual volume flow for the hydronic balancing of circulation pipes.

Thermal control: Recommended control range: 55 °C up to 60 °C (max. control range: 50 °C up to 65 °C, control accuracy ±1 °C) Having reached a preset temperature (e.g .factory setting of 57 °C),

Hydronic balancing:

For a hydronic balancing of the risers in a potable water reached at a set temperature may also be set at the valve. This setting is separate to the temperature setting and 6 different residual settings are available. The valve is preset at works to a v = 0.1 (= presetting 6) or for DN 20 of kv = 0.3 (= presetting 6).